Bekleed Jok MBTech utk Family Car (Expander, Avanza, Rush, Ertiga, Innova dll)

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Cover Jok Mobil All New Ertiga 2018

Jok Mobil Surabaya Kombinasi Diamond Stitch

Jok Sintetis vs Jok Kulit

Perbedaan Jok Sintetis dan Jok Kulit Banyak yang bertanya, apakah perbedaan menggunakan jok kulit asli dengan jok sintetis? Berikut ini adalah beberapa perbedaan jok sintetis dengan jok kulit: 1. Bau. Biasanya jok mobil yang menggunakan kulit asli memiliki aroma lebih khas dibandingkan dengan jok sintetis. 2. Kenyamanan. Jok Kulit memiliki fitur lebih nyaman dan dinginContinue reading “Jok Sintetis vs Jok Kulit”

The Golden Age of Synthetic Leather

As more and more varieties of car released throughout the year, the demand for leather and synthetic leather have also climbed along with car’s number’s growth. Synthetic leather especially, considered to be the more economic alternative, have been high on demand among car users in Indonesia. Producers of synthetic leather have competitively made hundreds ofContinue reading “The Golden Age of Synthetic Leather”


PRO AUTO INTERIOR is a professional car seat maker and car interior specialist in Surabaya which specialize in DESIGN, QUALITY,  Originality in material 100% with warranty up to 3 Years. We strive to give the best for comfort driving in your car, to repair, renew and restore your car interior. Only with the best quality,Continue reading “CAR LEATHER SEAT/ CAR INTERIOR SPECIALIST in SURABAYA”